Enjoy Condo Living In Piccadilly Grand Condominium – The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Condo Community

Most people of Singapore have a fast-paced lifestyle. Because of this, convenience is important, and so residing in a place that is well-connected and accessible to eateries, transport as well as shopping amenities is something that many wish for. In the Consumer Sentiment Study by PropertyGuru, accessibility to malls and eateries close by is one of the leading priorities of many homebuyers, particularly now that more individuals are spending increasingly more time in their homes.

Piccadilly Grand Condominium – Enjoy the Benefits of Condo Living

So as to get the accessibility and convenience that individuals want, many opt to live in a condominium. A condominium, better known as condo, is a unit in a community of other units and privately-owned by an individual. In a condo, there are amenities and facilities that residents of the condo share, like the parking lot, pool, gym, outside hallways and elevators.

With more and more residents of Singapore choosing to reside to live in a condo unit, new condo developments get underway in locations that offer the convenience and accessibility that people are look for and want. One of these new developments is the Piccadilly Grand condominium.

The Piccadilly Grand condominium is a joint project development by City Developments Limited (CDL) and MCL Land. These two developers are among the leading, most reputable and experienced in the region, where both have remarkable portfolios. This soon-to-rise luxurious condominium in Singapore offers its future residents accessibility, convenience and comfort as it is located where public transportation and various amenities and facilities, such as food establishments, retail stores, malls, recreational areas, and schools. Situated on Northumberland Road in the Farrer Park area, the Piccadilly Grand condominium residents will surely enjoy condo living.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Condo Living

Living in a condo has its benefits, it is not for everyone. So if you are considering to buy a condo unit, it is first important that you know and weigh the pros and cons of living in a condo. That way, you can determine if condo living is something that matches your lifestyle as well as your budget.

The Advantages

  • LOW MAINTENANCE LIVING. If not all, most exterior maintenance on condominiums, like mowing the lawn, maintaining the garden, and fixing leaky roof, is the responsibility of the HOA.
  • SECURITY. Some communities of condominiums have security staff. Also, accessing the entry ways to condos from the outside are more difficult with the security staff as well as amenities that increase the safety and security of residents.
  • AFFORDABILITY. Since condos need less land compared to single-family homes, they are usually more compact making property taxes a bit lower. So, condo living can be an option for owning a property that is more affordable.
  • AMENITIES. Depending on the condominium you choose to reside in, you may have access to the amenities offered by the condo, such as a covered parking, pool area, grilling area, gym, and more. The cost and maintenance of enjoying these amenities is shared among the residents of the condominium.
  • PROXIMITY TO CBD. As condominiums want to offer convenience and accessibility its residents, they are usually built on areas that are in proximity to public transportation and the central business district.

The Disadvantages

  • LESS PRIVACY. Since condominiums are divided by units, residents live close to each other. You may hear your neighbors, or their radio or TV. If you want peace, quiet and plenty of privacy, living in a condo may not be an ideal option for you.
  • LIMITED FLOOR AREA. As mentioned, condos are compact. So the space in condo units are typically small.
  • LIMITED PARKING SPACE. Parking is usually always the concern when living in a condo. While you may have one reserved parking space for your unit, there won’t be space for your guests or if you decide to get a second vehicle.
  • PET RESTRICTIONS. Although most condos allow pets, there could be restrictions on the number of pets, breed, and size. If neighbors continue to complain about your pet/s, you may to get rid of it/them.