For Quick And Precise Cutting – Forstner Bit VS Spade Bit

Accurately cutting holes with a large diameter using a portable drill press or power drill can be executed with a range of drill bit attachments which includes a frostner bit or a spade bit. While these bits functions similarly, each of them has its own set of advantages. Let’s have a look at the difference of forstner bit vs spade bit so as to know which would best suit your needs.

Forstner Bits

Forstner bits create the cleanest hole. These ingenious bits bore holes with bottoms that are almost flat. Instead of having a tip that is steeply ground which is followed by cutting edges that are angled, Forstner bits are steered by the rim. Channels found in the drill clear out the hole from dust and chips. As mentioned, the hole created by the Forstner bit has a practically flat bottom that is only blighted by a hole at the center that merely measures 1/32-inch wherein the starter spur of the drill is positioned.

A Forstner bit is quite pricey, and isn’t essential or needed for most jobs. But it is required for other jobs, such as mounting hinges that should be settled into a circular hole only extending partially through the stile of the door. If you make use of a spade bit for a very similar task, its point will most likely stick out towards the other side, maiming the surface.

Spade Bits

Spade Bits, as the term implies, have a blade that is spade-shaped. A spade bit is flat having a sharp point at its center. The sharp point functions as a guide which centers the hole and directs the way, however the bulk of the drilling job is actually carried out by the sharpened cutting edge located at the shoulder part of the spade.

Spade bits are excellent for wood and some types of plastics, cutting them quickly and with accuracy. While the cutting edge of the spade bit is sharp, you cannot use it for cutting metal.  Spade bits should only be used at high speeds for the bit to refrain from getting caught in the workpiece as well as the drill from wrenching itself from your grip.

Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit

Forstner bits drill neat clean holes whereas spade bits tend to be messier. Forstner bits are available in much bigger diameters compared to spade bits. Furthermore, the former can be utilized to drill into surfaces at a certain angle unlike the latter, wherein you need enough strength to hold the bit in position and it for it to avoid going off track because of its flat shape.