Ghanaian female rapper Tiffany nude pictures leak


Ghana rapper Nude Picture of Tiffany Leaks After Failed Blackmail Attempt
Tiffany showing her boobs

Various social networks have started buzzing with a topless nude picture of Ghanaian female rapper, Tiffany that were leaked following failed attempts by a blackmailer to extract huge sums of money from the rapper.

According to sources, a few weeks before the rapper travelled to the UK for a streak of performances, she was robbed at her home where her money, blackberry phone and other personal belongings were stolen.

Tiffany reported the case to the Tema Community 18 Police after the incident happen and although traumatized by the event, the rapper recovered quickly from the burglary and went to the UK for her shows and also focused on recording her upcoming debut album.

Tiffany has however not known peace after her performance at the Red Lipsticks music concert as she has been receiving calls from an unknown man who threatened to leak her nude pictures if she did not pay up.

According to sources, it appears that the blackmailer got the nude pictures from Tiffany’s blackberry phone that was stolen from her home. The blackmailer requested for 40,000 dollars which Tiffany bargained down to about 15,000 ghc. After an initial agreement to settle the blackmailer, negotiations failed and he came back to make further outrageous demands. Some preliminary investigation suggests that the blackmailer is a Nigerian based on the calls he made.

Over the weekend, a picture of Tiffany in a bathroom robe showing her breasts was leaked on blackberry messenger, Facebook and other social networks while the blackmailer threatens to release further pictures if his demands are not met.

According to sources, the rapper who is currently in South Africa promoting her new single, ‘Rock Ma Body’ featuring Killbeats is worried about the development but is committed to working on her music while the police continue investigations on the robbery and subsequent blackmails.