How Social Media Becomes Beneficial for Elderly?


With the emergence of the technological advancement, social media helps people of all ages to communicate to broader range of people over the world. Social media reconnects one another and draw each other in a single platform.

About 59% of individuals aging over 65 years old are online, 46% from that population are connected on one social network. This shows that social media is making a big impact on the lives of elders.

In the succeeding paragraphs, the beneficial effects of social media to elderly as well as the reasons why people join social media will be discussed. That’s why it is not surprising that more and more seniors are registered to at least one social media platform.

How Social Media Affects the Health of Seniors

The percentage of online senior users has enormously increased over the years. Reasons behind the social account registration of seniors are numerous and it usually include the physical and mental health advantages.

1. Fastest way to communicate with long-distance family

The reality now for most families over the world is that some family members such as children and grandchildren are moving away geographically. Because of the distance issues, social media is a channel to keep on track with the lives of the long-distance family member.

2. Build new companionship and reconnect with old buddies

Social media like Facebook can assist elderly to acquire new companions. Similarly, it is one of the best channels to reunite with long lost friends.

3. Form of educational tools

Through the use of social media, people of all ages can never stop learning. Social media is a way for seniors to become aware of other educational chances. This is through the introduction of social media for some scientific events, historical developments, and current issues. Moreover, social media platforms create websites that could help seniors to be updated on the recent technological equipment aiding for their mobility and health assistance.

Example of such website is the Gogrit which allow seniors to get informed of new products and services about elders health care, technological aid, and personal care. Furthermore, Facebook newsfeed is one big help to let seniors involved themselves both in local and global events. This way, they may able to learn new things about the outside world.