LinkedIn for Small Business: What to Remember

When you went looking for a guide to using LinkedIn for Small Business, you probably never expected it to start by asking you to imagine you’re a fish in the ocean. Do it anyway, though. Imagine in particular that you’re a small fish and it’s a big ocean.


If I ask what you ought to do in that situation, you’ll most likely say that you need to survive and grow.


Being a small business on LinkedIn is no different from being a small fish in the ocean. Survival and growth should be your goals.


But do you know how to reach those goals?


Fortunately for you, I do even if you don’t. What’s more, I’m here to be your guide in using LinkedIn for small business. I know everything there is to know about the platform, from how to create a new company account on it to how to develop a marketing strategy for it.


So if you’re ready, let me show you the best way to use LinkedIn for small business tips from top digital marketing courses.

Using LinkedIn for Small Business


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. On it, you can generate leads, produce sales, and hire top professionals to fuel your growth.


But having a LinkedIn business profile isn’t enough to become successful. You have to know how to use it as a marketing platform to get the best results.


You also need to know how to deal with competition. Given LinkedIn’s vast number of users, small businesses that don’t grow fast enough can be easily overlooked on it. Staying visible and credible will be your ticket to building your brand on the network.


In short, you have to learn how to network the smart way — and my tips below will help you do that.

Tag Connections in Your Updates

Tagging people for relevant products or services shows that you have the solutions to their problems. The connections tagged in your post can vouch for your products/services afterward if they appreciate them… and that translates to a boost in your credibility.


That’s a big thing when you’re using LinkedIn for small business. Gaining credibility is one of your main tasks when networking on this platform.  


Connect with Local LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn has numerous groups that its users can join. You want to look into these when using LinkedIn for small business. You can find users that are in a similar line of work or industry in these groups. The latter is especially useful if you’re using LinkedIn for B2B marketing.


When connecting with groups on LinkedIn for small business, also remember to look for a complimentary business with which to share referrals. These partners will be an indispensable source of references that can turn into repeat business.

Study Your LinkedIn Analytics


When using LinkedIn for small business marketing, never forget that you can study your LinkedIn Analytics. You can keep track of your analytics through your company page.


With LinkedIn Analytics, you’ll be able to see data such as your reach, engagement, and visitor demographics. With this data, you can find out which of your content works and what doesn’t.