Once Again, Hospitals Face Shortages on Medical Supplies and Devices

This pandemic has caused a great impact  on many sectors.

They were all rattled and unprepared. Hospitals, and medical facilities are yet to face the worst scenario once again. Patients are increasing in a daily basis due to COVID 19. Most hospitals around the world have limited supplies, devices and  bed capacity. As much as they would like to help people coming in they could not cater to all who seek medical help.  This is because of the shortage of medical supplies and devices once again. In the latest news, countries like America are once again challenge by the impacts of COVID 19. It’s healthcare system are facing the same problem.  They have already encountered the problem during the start of this pandemic. There is once again shortage on medical supplies such as masks, gowns and gloves. Same with devices like adjustable beds, stretchers and mattresses.  To read more on adjustable beds visit: https://bedroom.solutions/best-adjustable-beds/
During a news interview some front liners confessed that they go to a point  of even reusing N95 masks not for days but even for weeks. Many doctors also stated that they cannot reopen their clinics just yet. The reason is because of the limited PPE’s that would protect them and their patients.

Doctor calls lack of medical supplies for health care workers “inappropriate”

The State contacted local and international suppliers to meet this urgency. Again, analysts predicted this problem can worsen.  Cases continue to rise. This can drain the healthcare system significantly. The inability of the State  to secure the needed medical supplies is very frustrating to many. They feel that they are being neglected. They rely on this for protection and defense against contracting the virus.
Several  manufacturers and companies from different industry are helping to meet this need. Industries not related to the medical field took the initiative to meet this demand. They ventured to manufacture and market medical devices.
These supplies are urgently needed  by medical facilities. Demand has also surge in companies re-opening after the lockdown. With the high demand, expect the increased in prices. This has been brought out by many hospitals. A hospital in Maryland had to explain on a legislative hearing about their purchase on PPE’s. They needed to explain how they spent $600,000 in PPE’s just last year but expects to spend around $10,000,000 this year.