Pastor Mensah Otabil: Ghanaians talk loudly


Pastor Mensah Otabil says Ghanaians talk too much and think very little
Pastor Mensah Otabil

The General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil has bemoaned what he calls lack of decency in public discourse in Ghana.

According to Pastor Mensah Otabil, most Ghanaians have neglected intelligence, sincerity and honesty in their analysis of national issues, a trend he said is ruining the country.

Speaking at a public lecture to commemorate the centenary celebration of William Ofori Attah, a member of the big six, Pastor Mensah Otabil opined that Ghana as a nation has stopped thinking and focusing on addressing its developmental needs.

“Can’t we see the damage we are doing to ourselves? We are a third world nation; we have a development deficit of 250 years, our cities are chocking with filth, educational standards are [low], infectious diseases are killing us, our highways are unsafe for passengers, our water bodies are polluted, our forest cover is gone, industries are dying, homes are breaking up, the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening, yet when you listen to our parliamentary debate, read our newspaper headlines, listen to radio or watch television for a whole month, you will not come across any sustained intelligent discussion offering [solutions],” he noted.

Pastor Mensah Otabil added that Ghana is heading to disaster if the current trend is not reversed quickly.

“We have allowed our parochial, ethnic and political biases to arrest our conscience and the sense of decency. We have pushed intelligent, sincere and honest exchanges on national development beyond the boundaries of reason”.

“It is just scary watching a nation run itself into the ground. In today’s Ghana it is impossible to raise and discuss any issue of value without it being painted in political colours. We denigrate ideas without considering their merit. We drag useful proposals into the gutters and wreck mischief into any proposal that does not emanate from our side of the political divide”.

“Ghana has stopped thinking; we talk loudly and think very little. This is a noisy nation with no clarity, so much heat but no light”.

Pastor Mensah Otabil did not spare media and its contribution to the culture of insults among politicians.

“If somebody should go and say ‘all die be die’ and we spend as a nation about a month discussing ‘all die be die’ while cholera is killing people, while filth is on out street, I think [we have a problem],” one participant said.

Pastor Mensah Otabil said the media is being used as a channel for political parties to trade insults among themselves for no just reason.

“Today our media landscape has the appearance of a warzone; in the media anonymous snipers callously shoot down their human targets. Character assassins take on contracts to eliminate opponents with innuendos, rumors and outright lies”.

“Rapids rounds of insults are fired across political lines without care for the youth which we all claim are future generation of this nation. Profanity drops like bombs on us without any prior warning and I think it is time to stop this insanity, let’s call a time out, take a deep breath and think”.

source: Citi Ghana News