Picket Fence – How They Came To Be

Many fencing experts and homeowners consider the iconic white picket fence a symbol of achievement and success. The charm and appeal of these picket fence draw out a longing of what several regard as a simple colonial life. Similar to other household and home effects, picket fences have a history of its own.

The Beginning Of Picket Fences

The popularity of picket fences dates back to the earliest times in the colonial era in the United States.  colonial times. Picket fences were first used in North America when colonists putting up settlements. During the peak of the popularity of picket fences, individuals who owned a home/house were self-made and greatly enjoy and take great pleasure in collecting valuable items that displayed and flaunt their wealth.

After the United States achieved liberty from Great Britain, the white picket fences maintained its place as an indication and sign of class. As the population of settlers started to increase, this caused the frontier of America to move towards the west. Increasingly more families and individuals began to claim pieces of lands and worked toward the creation of huge homesteads.

The simple construction of picket fences indicated that Americans under the working class could also gather wood and build their own fence. As there is plenty of labor, this has allowed individuals without the skills and craftmanship in woodworks or carpentry to cheaply trade for pickets with support beams. Homeowners have then started to erect picket fences at their homesteads throughout the frontier.

The Advent of The White Picket Fence

As the U.S. started to grow as well as where the construction of housing moved to a greater density, evident delineation of one’s property have become a priority to home and property owners. As cities and towns grew and developed, Americans in their own neighborhoods had to find a good way of marking and demarcating their property at the same time provide care for their families and petsThe white picket fence was often the solution as it was affordable and white was bright enough for it to be visible throughout the night and day. Furthermore, the assembly of the picket fences allowed little children and pets to view the outside of the property whilst keeping them safe.

From a simple picket fence to a more intricate fencing system, these barriers today have now become a fundamental element in any home as it not only enhances the curb appeal of a home, but also provide security and privacy. While the popularity of the iconic white picket fence has declined, they still hold a huge aesthetic value on a home.