Will The USA Presidential Election Be Postponed To 2021 Due To COVID-19?

The whole world was caught off guard by the novel coronavirus, forcing hundreds of countries to implement lockdowns and shut down businesses and establishments indefinitely. Not even a superpower nation like the United States of America was able to minimize the drastic effects of this modern-day plague, which originated from Wuhan, China. It only took half a year for the coronavirus disease of 2019 or COVID-19 to infect 17 million people around the globe. As of this date, the severe pneumonia-like illness has already claimed more than 600,000 lives.

The USA is currently in the leading country in terms of both the reported COVID-19 cases and the number of deaths. In the midst of this pandemic, US President Donald Trump believes that the country’s economy must be saved, thus allowing the reopening of business establishments in all states. Schools and universities in the US are also set to open next month, in spite of the danger of COVID-19 like a wildfire. Trump is determined to get the whole country back to its usual activities. If there is one thing that the POTUS is not okay to push through with, that is the 2020 Presidential Election scheduled this November.

An Alternative To Traditional Polling Method Can Be Manipulated, Says Trump

Some Americans complain that Trump might be too eager to reopen the economy and switch the country back to normal when the US is currently suffering a heavy blow from the pandemic. As the number of new cases per continue to rise, this COVID-19 is definitely far from over for the American people. However, Trump appears to be hesitant to proceed with the elections this November.

Health experts warn that having an election this year puts the voting population at risk of catching the coronavirus. With this, an alternative way to vote was suggested, wherein voters can cast their votes via mail. In this case, voters can still have a time to go to KissAnime :: Watch Subbed & Dubbed Series Online, before they cast their votes. This is something that Trump strongly opposes, claiming that this method of casting votes increases the chance of certain entities manipulating the result of the election.

To note, this method was already tried before in the history the US elections, and with the right set of people to watch over the polling process, there is nothing to be worried about. This is just the same as choosing the right people to sell houses in the Bay Area, as you will need someone with integrity and skills to do the job.