3 Ways to Start Your News Blogging Career

You can’t get more primary than news blogging. You may think that’s a small niche and it’s probably not worth your time, but the truth is that news blog writers are in high demand right now. Bloggers need to be fast, efficient, and produce quality content consistently. It requires a lot of research, attention to detail, and commitment.

If you have these skills and the desire to work in this field, here are 3 ways you can start your news blogging career.

Be an Active Reader

Read as many blogs as you can – especially in your niche. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the writing style and what’s trending. You can also find out what topics and tools are used by top bloggers.

You will begin to understand how writers select their topics and what the common writing styles are. Whenever you come across an article that resonates with you, jot down the author’s name and the site where you found the article.

Network with Writers and Editors

You don’t want to come off as sales-y or desperate. Networking with other writers and editors can lead to collaborations and finding out who would be the best person to send your pitches to. You can even ask if they’re hiring writers.

You can also reach out to your favorite bloggers or writers who have an essay writing service and ask them if they have any advice for someone looking to break into the news blogging industry. You can also ask if they know of any news sites that are accepting applications.

Build a Portfolio

When you start getting assignments from your favorite news site, build a portfolio. You can start a separate blog or use your personal blog to showcase your work. You can also create a portfolio on a website like LinkedIn or even set up a portfolio website.

You can add your articles to your portfolio and include links to your work. If you want to get paid for your work, you will also need to become a member of a union. This one would depend on your location. So watch out for it.