Artemisia Annua “Sweet Wormwood” Health Benefits: True or False?

Have you ever heard about the sweet wormwood and it’s amazing health benefits? If not, then today’s probably be the first!

Sweet wormwood is otherwise known as Artemisia Annua or artemisinin. It is a famous herbal that is processed in medical labs to become a food supplement for people who are in dire need of immune support.

Yes, you heard that right! The sweet wormwood is as sweet as a food supplement that helps a lot of people, young and old, athletes and gym builders, women of all ages and men of all strengths in making sure they have a boost in their immune system. And that they are healthy.

Not only that, but sweet wormwood is also famous for treating one thing— Malaria. One of the most serious case disease ever. 

What is Sweet Wormwood

Artemisia Annua is a medical plant that is originally from China and it is locally known to be as qing hao. It is also known as Sweet wormwood. Basically, it is the fruits of Artemisia annua plant— artemisinin that has clinical efficacy that can fight off against Malarial virus and Malaria disease.

Moreover, artemisinin grew to be globally accepted by a lot of users and medical practitioner. That is why it is recommended and said safe and proven because of the widespread and the number of satisfied users to testify to it. Also, gastroenterology in NJ also have the best services and treatments for such diseases.

This plant is really a great compound in boosting one’s immune system and kill radical organism and viruses that prevails the human body. Also, the immediate effect of this supplement makes it more effective in its use.

The health of Benefits of Artemisinin

Apart from being one of the widely used drugs for treating Malarial virus. There are still other benefits you can get from artemisinin.


  1. It aids cancer patients.

This sounds really amazing how effective it is in treating the malarial virus that is is also proven, but still needs further proof and investigation, that it is indeed reliable in also treating cancer virus.

Some clinical trials have testified that combining this drug with certain chemotherapy can increase the survival rate of the patient. The artemisia annua has anti-tumor effects which make it helpful in the treatment of cancer.

  1. Improves insomnia.

Imsonia is caused by stress and depression and extreme sadness. Taking artemisia makes sure that your immune system is boosted and that you can have a good night well bed rest throughout the night.