DJI Camera Drone is the New Mini 2 (Featuring Review By Let’s Fly Wisely)

Mavic Mini as reviewed by Let's Fly Wisely

Our FCC sniffer simply alerted us to a program by DJI to get a brand new ‘Camera Drone’. DJI has elegant titles it occasionally gives to apparatus seeking FCC empowerment by providing them a generic title. In this scenario we do not have the true version of the drone, DJI rather opted to call it ‘Camera Drone’. 

Spoiler alert: it is an updated Mavic Mini!

Taking a look at the FCC submitting info and renderings filed together with the FCC program it certainly looks like it’s a Mavic Mini 2.

Like the first Mavic Mini, as reviewed by Let’s Fly Wisely, the FCC tag is put squarely in the back battery of this camera. The back battery configuration appears like the first Mavic Mini, as do the battery connections and locking mechanism.

The back of this DJI Camera Drone also includes a MicroSD slot and USB connector at the Exact Same location as the Mini.

One potential difference we discovered is that rather than a micro USB jack, the newest DJI Camera Drone utilizes USB-C.

One other hint that Camera Drone is that the Mavic Mini 2 is located from the actual Model # recorded in the FCC program. The first Mavic Mini has been delegated version #: MT1SS5 and MT1SD25 available in Europe and Japan respectively because of the Japan version required to be lighter.

The newest Camera Drone is version MT2PD. So the initial 2 specimens, ‘MT’ put it at the same household of drones like the Mavic Mini.

For instance the FCC filings for its Mavic 2 String of drones listing the Mavic 2 Guru as L1P along with also the Mavic 2 Zoom as L1Z…both sharing the same ‘L1’ prefix from the version #.

The chances definitely prefer this being a Mavic Mini 2

We are aware that DJI can also be going to start an FPV Rush Drone, however, the leaked pictures of this human body design look like the picture in the ‘Camera Drone’ FCC tag place rendering. Twitter consumer @Ositalv shared the picture under DJI’s brand new FPV racing performed along with the body contour looks like the picture from the FCC filing.

What is different in the new Mavic Mini 2

Hunting the filings first thing we notice is that how the frequency shift. The first Mavic Mini was worked utilizing a 5.8GHz frequency into the control. The brand new ‘Camera Drone’ utilizes both 2.4 & 5.8GHz frequency. Why the gap? Nicely, 5.8GHz is a quicker sign but it supposes space. Even a 2.4GHz signal is not too fast but it’s a larger range, therefore both frequencies supply you with a wider spectrum for an automatic transmission.

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

This brand fresh Mavic Mini 2 sports something not found in almost any formerly: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmission. We believe that this implies the drone may be controlled with your own smartphone inside a really short space. Or maybe Bluetooth is used for document falls into your smartphone.

Particular mention is given to information concerning the wifi antenna into your filing with Canada’s Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) ministry, however, we don’t have any information about why this can be important. Could the impending launch of a revised Mavic Mini 2 be a hint that additional refinements are coming into the Canadian drone law?

Battery voltage over the brand newest Mavic Mini 2 is 7.7V out of the battery, only marginally higher compared to 7.2V of this first Mavic Mini.

When is your Mavic Mini 2 being published? Well, depending on the first Mavic Mini program we can expect to watch ‘Camera Drone’ introduced to the general public within fourteen days. The first Mavic Mini FCC program showed up nearly exactly 1 year ago and has been ‘officially’ published on October 31st.

We anticipate DJI to launch the Mavic Mini 2 at the same time. And now that information about this Mavic Mini 2 is free on the world wide web, you need to expect to find a flurry of fresh leaked specs and graphics.