Getting Into Kayaking in 2022



It’s a wonderful idea when you’re on a big lake, everything around you is quiet and peaceful and the sunset is imminent. You glide silently through the water and hear the sounds of nature and the soft splashing of the paddle while admiring everything around you. It’s just like that, kayaking inspires more and more people this year including children using kids kayak.

Perhaps some people are now wondering what a kayak is. Together with the Canadian, the kayak is one of the main subgroups of the canoe. Characteristic is the elongated shape and the view in the direction of travel. A kayak is driven with a double paddle sitting and with the legs stretched forward. On the other hand, in the Canadian in a kneeling position, a paddle with only one paddle blade is used. Originally, the kayak was used by Eskimos for hunting on the water as a fast and maneuverable means of transport. These features made it one of the most popular sports equipment on rivers and lakes. Whether you want to explore nature and the area from the water in a relaxed and quiet way or perhaps want to be more sporty and exciting on rivers, kayaking is versatile and quite a leisure activity for young and old, for adults or children.

Find the right kayak and accessories for everyone

Decathlon, for example, recognized this a long time ago and offers corresponding products. So everyone can find the right kayak or canoe for their own personal paddling adventure in the Decathlon shop. Whether it is hard shell kayaks or compact inflatable kayaks. There are boats for one person up to 4 people. Everyone can also get the right kayak paddles, air pumps, spray blankets, life jackets, and much more.

Kayaking is versatile

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from different variants, which are then optimally adapted to different flow and driving conditions. For example, whitewater kayaks are perfectly adapted to the conditions in wild rivers. Due to the length of about 3 meters and the wide, voluminous body, these cannot capsize so easily and also come out of the so-called rollers and returns more easily. Because of the stability, they are also often driven by beginners.


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The sea and hiking kayaks, on the other hand, are about 4 to 5 meters long and also narrower than the whitewater kayaks. The risk of capsizing is significantly lower when driving on still rivers or lakes. With this design, on the other hand, more emphasis is placed on water resistance reduction. You can cover long distances with significantly less effort. Many who “hike” long distances do so over several stages and/or spend the night, then camp on the way. A modern portable cooler bag is then often used for storing drinks and food.

Compact and inflatable kayaks for more flexibility

Because the conventional models require a lot of space and are therefore more difficult to transport, you can buy an inflatable kayak as a flexible alternative for spontaneous trips and holidays, for example. These compact kayaks do not take up much storage space when empty and you can use them directly after quickly inflating them with an electric air pump.

Many possibilities for great tours by kayak

In Germany, for example, Kayak tours in the Rhine-Main area and generally on many lakes, rivers, and even on the sea at home and abroad, you can do wonderful tours for every taste and for every ability.