How The Stock Market Is Affected By Media?

Financial experts and seasoned investors say that they have the capability of predicting market movement on any given day. It is in fact possible. However, there are only a handful of people who can do it. Meaning, the market for plumber Gilbert AZ can be predicted using certain metrics. And this is executed by those who have proven track record and established their credibility in the stock market.

Everything’s Based on Study, Not on Some Guesswork

But if you’re about to ask an economist, it isn’t just about skepticism but more of a traditional economic theory. As per the theory, it says that market movement is completely random without any possibilities of predicting its movement at a rate greater than 50%. There have been scientific studies showing that the prices of stock market are not random but, can be manipulated and oftentimes, done easily.

A known method of manipulation or as what stock traders or financial experts call as “tricking” is done via cyber universe or simply, Social Media. Believe it or not, there’s a time when traders are religiously watching news and relying on reporters to get a scoop of the latest happenings in the market.

Time flies and technology gets better and better. Now, computing algorithms have so much improvement. As a matter of fact, algorithms applied have the capability of detecting almost everything from social media sentiments, earnings data and whatnot. The advantage is quite obvious. Data gathered in this method is 10x or 100x faster than reporters and journalist.

As per James Stewart, a New York Times columnist and journalism professor

“Classic breaking news is a function of technology now. Computers find it, and traders trade on it,”

Dawn to a New Age

Well basically, the integration of computers and taking advantage of algorithms isn’t a new strategy in monitoring and tracking market movements. In fact, plumber Gilbert AZ companies and other businesses are looking for more ways how to maximize available tools in watching market trends.

Lastly, the era of automated news is having a big impact on journalists too who are centralized in bringing live and fresh news to market. This is why the purpose and role of reporters in this digital time have shifted. Now, they need to diversify their sources of information and be able to present it in an easily, understandable context.