How to Make Your Raft Photos Social Media-Worthy?

Have you captured your best moments and rafted the canyons during your raft trip? However, you are hesitant to post and publish those photos as they are not that worthy compared to those images by Instagram-ers. Well, worry no more because this guide will give you great tips on making the perfect social media-worthy photos on your raft adventure.

Tips on Making Social Media-Worthy Photos

With your smartphones or high-tech cameras, you can capture the beauty of your raft adventure. But, here are ways of making those raft the canyon photos more social media-worthy.

Applying the Rule of Thirds

An important rule in photo editing is the rule of thirds and it should be followed most of the time.

The principle behind the rule of thirds is to divide the images into three parts. Off-centering is the main subject of the photo. For example of this is an image that is off to the right while being closer to the top of the image.

Get some touch of lighting

Good lighting is an essential aspect of photography especially in times of taking photos of a solid image. Rafting is a water activity under the sun. And a good source of lighting for photos is the natural light from the sun. 

However, too much sunlight may also be a concern when taking photos. So, better not to shoot directly into the sun. The best position is to shoot with the sun behind you. Also, it is important not to use the flash to avoid washing out of photos.

Take shots from above

Getting photos from above is the direct opposite of taking shots from low angle water. This is perfect on a multi-day trip, mountain climbing, and capturing the river on an aerial view.

Get into the water

If you want a great photo output, you should get into the water and take a photo from that view. This is exciting and an excellent angle to take.

Use editing apps

Like mobile apps for news media, there are free photo editing apps available over the web. You can download it and use it for free. This may be very helpful to make photos that are social media-worthy.