Mobile Apps For News Media

Cross platform app development has changed the way news is circulated. When mobile apps were developed for news media, the sale of newsprint have decreased. A data by Statista indicates that in the United States, revenue generated by the industry of newspaper publishing from 2011 to 2014, and a projected revenue until 2020 indicates a continuous decrease, from a revenue of $33.59 billion in 2011 to $27 billion in 2020.

Mobile News and Magazine Apps

In this technological world, mobile apps for newspapers have dominated the printed newspaper. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, 20% of Americans say that they obtain news from social media compared to a traditional printed newspaper, wherein 16% of Americans read a printed newspaper.

Statistics and researches have established that mobile apps for news are primarily chosen over print media. Today, almost every newspaper and magazine companies have a mobile app to sustain the interest of their prevailing users as well as to pull in new users. Moreover, they are utilized to build up and add to the companies’ virtual advertisements. Here are a few pros of having a mobile app:

User-friendly Interface

Usually, a news app comprises a good user interface wherein it is pleasing, much interesting as well as easy to utilize. Such user interface allows the app users to make their options for searching or browsing more streamlined, bookmark several sections and save news content to read in the future. Moreover, more smart and engaging attributes could be incorporated into these news app. Aside from publishing news content, the news app offers users with significant video, audio as well as image data to sustain the interest of uses further.

Push Notifications

If a news app is incorporated in online magazines, then the push notification feature could be included to signal or notify users about any significant news or any recent trends. Users have the option to disable or enable the notification feature. A news app is the only way wherein these feature could be incorporated to appeal and interest readers.

Easy Navigation

In terms of magazines, the major aim is to give readers new and exciting news that is connected to what readers are interested in. With the aid of news apps, related news articles could be highlighted below a news content. Furthermore, breaking news as well as live videos could be situated wherein the app user could readily avail or access them.