Why Sharing News via Instagram Story Is Effective

There is an increasing number of news publishers that have been using Instagram Stories as a means to share their news across a wider, more diverse audience. Instagram has definitely attained popularity as a photo/video sharing social media platform, the site now has more than a billion members, including journalists and news publishers.

According to Kevin Young,, Bloomberg’s social media editor, Instagram shows greater results when it comes to viewership compared to Facebook, where people are inclined to watch a video only in the first 15 seconds of viewing. British Vogue attests this claim is true as they’ve been posting in their Instagram Stories daily. Mainly because the magazine is seeing tens of thousands viewers to their site in just a matter of hours. British Vogue’s editor Lucy Hutchings said their Instagram Story views are much higher when compared to what they post in other social media platforms.

Still, like any other platforms, there are drawbacks in using Instagram in news sharing, such as the inability to place a link in a post. Furthermore, posting on Instagram Stories can be quite laborious, which is why media outlets like Bloomberg use Instagram stories only for planned projects. Lastly, every Instagram story has a time duration of only 24 hours, which means the story cannot be viewed again any time, or as often as an Instagram viewer would like to. Stories disappear to make way for new ones after the older posts get past the time duration.

Making Sure You’re Utilizing Instagram the Right Way

Since an Instagram Story has a brief life, it’s a must to make sure you are properly using this Instagram feature. Here are some pointers to take note of when sharing an Instagram Story about a news:

Ensure Accuracy of Shared Links

Instagram sorts users’ newsfeed based on algorithms, not on the chronological order by which a story appeared. Errors in links may occur due to lapsed period, or links that have been previously removed but forgotten. One solution to this is to use analytic tools that can assess which Instagram content have non-working or broken links. Checkout the analytic tools provided at this URL https://sharemyinsights.com/.  Find out how the use of this tool can help you identify the kind of Instagram stories that worked in drawing viewers to a news item.

Relevance Between Brand and Content Matters

.Avoid the mistake of making an Instagram story or post, divert from one’s brand as a news outlet. Do not make it hard for followers to sort out news that they are interested in, which they expect to find in a news website or outlet known for its brand of reporting.  Yet if the purpose is to create diversity in what is being offered as news content, Instagram does not have rules prohibiting a user to have multiple accounts for different types of content. The New York Times is one such example of a serious news provider but with different Instagram accounts to use in posting photos or videos that cater to different types of users.