Women in Ghana on the Road to Women Empowerment After Decades of Struggling for Gender Rights Equality

In celebration of the 2019 International Women’s Month, this post focuses on Ghanaian women’s quest for Better Balance by way of Women Empowerment. Yes, you read it right, after struggling for more than 2 decades to overcome barriers posed by inequality of gender rights in Ghana, it is heartwarming to note that the current mission of the women in Ghana has transcended to “Women’s Empowerment”.

Apparently the ultimate objective that must be achieved is to have greater participation in the government in order to resolve inequalities in quality of education, in accessing resources, in seeking employment and in addressing health issues that continue to assail the wellbeing of Ghanaian women. The current government administration in Ghana already signed on to several international programs and conventions that aim to impart policies that will address improvements on women’s rights.

Support and Assistance Coming from Sources Outside of Ghana

Currently, Global Vision International (GVI) is running a new program for Women’s Empowerment in Ghana. GVI is a non-profit organization founded in the UK in 1998 by a group of men, who made it their mission to provide support to various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

GVI volunteer workers and interns working under the supervision of GVI.USA have been deployed to Elmira in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Their tasks include providing support to local organizations working on missions to promote gender equality in Greater Accra, particularly in accessing employment opportunities.

GVI volunteers take part by providing practical lessons on teaching the English language, mathematics, health education and different life skills like sewing and IT literacy. That way, Ghanaian women will develop greater confidence and determination in improving the quality of life for their family and community.

Volunteers have expressed great satisfaction in mentoring young women who were quite interested in improving their IT skills; certain that their contribution has improved employability of the women they tutored. On that note, if Ghanaian women broaden their Internet communication skills they can be empowered to land work-at-home jobs. There are numerous opportunities to explore, including reselling products for online dealers of specialty products like Grain & Gram