Are You Using Social Media Socially?

Since the onset of social media, it exploded to become a day to day tool. It is heavily used for getting in touch to people dearest to us and even to know the current events happening around us. However, as time passes by, its purpose and application have changed. From the simple way of making interactions, it is now utilized as a mean to conduct business and advertising. Sometimes it is used on finding secrets to harder erections.

Well basically, this is only a proof that there are countless of usage to social media. On this note, it is integral that we stay vigilant on everything we post, share or like on this platform. Like anything else in life, there are positive and negative impacts of its wide implementation.

Social media has this innate and subtle ability to turn humans into psychopaths which is literally negatively affecting our habits and behavior. Whether or not it is somewhat related to you, there are instances of individuals who belong to the latter with the incorrect usage of social media. But there’s nothing to be worried about.

This post is not intended to scare you away from using your various social media accounts.

Rather, this is to provide proper education on how you can utilize and maximize the positive impact of social media.

How it is Affecting Us?

Of course, for every pitfall, there’s an equivalent benefit. The same thing is true for social media.

1A. Positive: Authenticity and Transparency

Social media reflects what your real identity is. By being able to maintain your authenticity, you can win both new and old friends that like your POV or Point of View.

1B. Negative: Insecurity and Untruthfulness

Not everyone has opted to stay true when they are making a post on social media. That is how you wind up creating a different persona. More often than not, an improved version of your true character. This is intentionally done by others to ensure that they’ll be likeable.

2A. Positive: Connection

The biggest known benefit of using social media is connectivity in seconds. Communication changed drastically. This at the same time changed the way we behave when seeking for ways to connect and reconnect with friends and family.

2B. Negative: Disconnection

Social media isn’t entirely about connection, but disconnection as well. With constant connectivity, it might potentially lead us as well to social media addiction which compromises real life moments to its digital representation.