How To Use Google News App In Android Phone

There’s hardly ever rest for people delivering news daily. And for people who follows update on trending news stories, among the most effective ways to get caught up with the latest is through your mobile phone. Google and Apple have invested time and effort regardless of the app development cost just to bring their users a worthy news application. With the right configuration, you can actually stay up to date with the latest in news and happenings around the world. Here is how to use the pre-installed Google News app for Android users.

Overview of the Google News App

Android Phone Packaged with Google News

No matter if your phone is using Google’s Android or perhaps Apple’s iOS application, you have pre-installed resources that let you know current news about your business in a timely manner. You can even customize these software applications to see the most important stories.

Google apps are usually pre-installed on Android phones depending on the manufacturer and model. If your mobile phone doesn’t have it, you can easily download it on your Android phone and it’s totally free. In the same manner, you also can download and install thee free Google app for your Apple iOS. The app gets whatever the search engine reads about you through your past searches. The application makes use of this gathered information to give you a preview of the news your prefer.

On existing Android phones, like Pixel and Nexus mobile phones, you are able to swipe directly from the home display screen to access Google feed stories. Or else, simply run the Google application to view your news feed. When scrolling, you can easily personalize your browsing experience by getting the app to remember stories you don’t like. Swipe the article to the right to eliminate them, or click on three points to inform the application that you don’t like that specific story. You also have the ability to manage everything that you see within the app’s configurations, from entertainment to sports: click the menu key at the top left corner and select Customize.

To manage the notification, access the menu, choose “Settings”. Then, tap the notification, then tap your feed. After this, you can select which breaking news will make an alert or turn them off completely.