Measures Taken By Car Rental Providers Amidst The Global Pandemic

car rental providersCar rental providers operate to ensure clients are given the best cars and services to provide ease and convenience to its users. Moreover, since not many aren’t capable of purchasing a new car, or only need one for a few days or weeks, renting a car is the best possible solution.

The spread of the COVID-19 around the world has brought about extraordinary sets of threats as well as challenges for various businesses. In the midst of curfews, lockdowns and self-quarantine imposed by many places, mobility in the travel industry has been challenged. With this, numerous long-serving car rentals and start-ups in the mobility sector are making every effort to abide by the appropriate actions to prevent the spread of the virus while still deliver mobility solutions in the course of the imposed lockdowns and curfews.

PReventing The Spread Of COVID-19

So, what are the measures taken by the car rental industry to keep their clients safe and avoid the possible threat and spread of the virus? Let’s check out three:

Clean and Disinfected Cars

With the threat of this global pandemic, it has caused fear and paranoia among people. The car rental companies are doing their part to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the cars. Although optimum cleanliness is upheld, providers of car rental services are carrying out extra measures to properly disinfect the interior and exterior of the vehicles before handing over the car and the keys to the customer.

car rental and safety measuresKeyless System of Entry

Although car keys are also included in the sanitation process of vehicles, many are still concerned about passing the keys from one client to another and it being a possible carrier of the virus. To address this concern, many car rental providers are offering keyless entry or access to the vehicle with the use of the IoT technology to lessen and avoid the risk of getting the virus.  

Providing Car Subscriptions

In this crisis, customers are most likely to heed more attention to basic needs like food, shelter, as well as transportation. Although it isn’t possible for everybody to buy a car for personal and private use to avoid public transportation and observe social distancing, getting a car subscription seem to be a more sensible solution. Numerous providers of car rental services allow its clients to get a car subscription for a longer period of time, usually for 3 moths to 1 year. Some car rental providers offer car subscriptions with a very minimal monthly subscription fee and handle servicing, maintenance, as well as other associated costs.