Ways to Livestream Video on Social Media Through CCTV Cameras

Generally, CCTV video multiplexers and few DVR of security camera can be very useful as a fundamental part of multi-camera video streaming applications.

It also needs the installation of powerful PC containing HDMI card capture and software for an Open Broadcast. There are actually two methods in using CCTV DVR on a live stream. It is via HDMI and through RSTP streams. You can also visit https://spyfiles.org/security/best-security-cameras/ for more tips and helpful info.

Methods of Video Live Streaming Through CCTV Camera

Below are the different ways of live streaming your video to social media such as Facebook and YouTube, and those technology news site that updates us with the latest, by using the CCTV camera.

Live streaming via HDMI

Here is the process of how this method works:

  1. Through RG59 Siamese coax cable hard wired 16 cameras and up to the DVR. It is recommendable to use the iDVR-PRO16H HD CCTV DVR due to its great dual monitor and spot monitor support.
  2. A spot monitor is configured as the output from the HDMI of the DVR.
  3. The output is linked to the input of HDMI of capture card on the streaming PC.
  4. Run the OBS or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) on the PC. The OBS is linked with social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and other video streaming platform.
  5. Connect the streaming PC to the internet via a router or modem. This action will permit the OBS to share information with YouTube or Facebook Live.

Live streaming via CCTV Video Multiplexer

This is another method of doing a live stream via CCTV cameras. And below is how this method works:

  1. The RG59 Siamese coax cable are used to hard wires until 16 cameras to the 16ch HD CCTV multiplexer.
  2. HDMI multiplexer output is then linked to the input hub of the HDMI in which the BlackMagic video card capture is being installed inside the streaming PC.
  3. The streaming PC is operating an Open Broadcaster Software which is incorporated with social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.
  4. The PC should be connected to an internet connection to be able for the Open Broadcaster Software to stream the video to social media.
  5. Users have the option to change camera screen layouts from single to multiple by utilizing the remote control of the multiplexer that is wireless and has an infrared.